How to put iPad or iPhone in DFU mode

Device Firmware Update or shortly known as DFU. It is used when you are in need of an upgrade of your iPhone. An example of this is when iOS 11 was released by Apple you had the option to either complete an OTA update or to manually update your device by downloading the firmware by yourself. In the second case, you would’ve been required to use DFU mode to complete the upgrade. This tutorial is how to put iPhone in DFU mode in five steps.

Why is DFU Mode necessary?

Putting your iPhone in DFU mode is something you must do when you are manually upgrading your device using custom IPSW files. It means that your bootloader is mounted and the device is ready to upgrade the firmware. DFU mode is quite useful when you are using jailbreak for your iPhone.

Put iPhone in DFU Mode

Short info on how to put your iPhone into DFU

This is a very simple method and if you are in use of some jailbreaking tools such as Redsn0w they will lead you through the process without any problems. All in all here is how to do it:

Plug your iPhone device into your PC

Turn off your iPhone by holding the Power button and slide it. Hold the button for three seconds.
Release the Power button but keep holding the Home button for around 15 more seconds
Once the screen is black your iPhone is in DFU mode and once you connect to iTunes you will see a popup message that says that your iPhone is in DFU mode.
If you like to find solutions how to Put iPhone into Recovery Mode go on this link. Here has full guide how to make this.

If this does not work on the first try do not disappoint your self and try it again. Usually, it takes a few tries before you can manage to put your device into DFU mode.

How to disable DFU mode

Getting back your iPhone into normal state once it is in DFU mode is very simple, just do the following:

Press both Home and Power buttons and hold them for around 10-15 seconds. After that release first the Home button but still hold the Power button until you see the Apple’s logo on the screen. Once the logo pops up your iPhone is out of DFU mode.
If you have problems, questions or you need help with DFU mode please contact us at any time 24/7.

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